Dojin Kodo Genki's new book is a story designed to teach virtue to young
readers.  It's called
The Five Sisters and is a story about a little boy who
steals a small boat looking for adventure – only to find more than he
bargained for when he’s confronted by five miraculous sisters.

Dojin's first published book,
How to Experience God deals with Buddhist
meditation and prayer so he used his Dharma name (Kodo Genki) but The
Five Sisters deals with the traditional seven virtues (the four Cardinal virtues
of Ancient Greece and the three Theological virtues (from the letters of St.
Paul of Tarsus) so he used his full given name (Manuel Vieira Gomes).

It will be available at Barnes & Noble and, of course, on Amazon.com!

As soon as
The Five Sisters is out, we'll show you here!
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